Permanent Treatment of PFAS-Contaminated Groundwater

RemWell's innovative in situ remediation technology (InSRT) is revolutionizing treatment of PFAS-contaminated groundwater.


Technology Features

RemWell is the only company that offers fully on-site, in-place, permanent treatment of PFAS-contaminated groundwater at a competitive cost.


In Situ

Our technology treats PFAS in groundwater fully underground on site.


Permanent Treatment

RemWell's remediation technology destroys PFAS for a permanent solution.


Competitive Cost

Our approach to PFAS remediation can reduce operating costs.

Growing Demand for PFAS Remediation

Nearly every American has been exposed to PFAS.

Now is the time for a more progressive, more intuitive treatment technology to limit negative effects on human health.

*States with confirmed PFAS contamination noted in green

Horizontal Wells are Effective

Use of InSRT within horizontal wells enable destructive treatment of PFAS in situ. Horizontal wells are larger diameter wells that are installed below ground in the direction of groundwater flow. They are drilled at a shallow angle to the targeted treatment depth ahead of or within a containment plume.

For remediation, they offer advantages over traditional approaches:

  • They focus water thus flow through the well is achieved passively
  • They can be applied to shallow or deep settings
  • They help to overcome surface barriers to treatments
  • They require minimal work to operate and maintain

RemWell Offers 40% Savings

Our technology offers effective treatment of PFAS with lower annual operating costs.

Our technology can save 40% in annual operating costs compared to carbon treatment. These savings are primarily in electricity usage, labor and cost of water disposal.

Annual Operating Cost Savings

*Savings in annual operating costs per site with InSRT compared to P&T + GAC

Water Disposal 100%
Electricity 97%
Labor 91%
Maintenance 40%

Our Team Of Experts

RemWell’s co-founders bring industry-leading expertise from both academia and industry!

Michelle Crimi, Ph.D

Michelle Crimi is co-founder of RemWell and serves as the Dean of the Graduate School at Clarkson University. Dr. Crimi’s research focuses on developing in situ treatment technologies for groundwater contamination, determining the impact of groundwater technologies on aquifer quality, and integrating treatment technologies for optimized risk reduction.

Laura Holsopple

Laura Holsopple joined RemWell in 2021 as the Managing Director, taking the lead on the daily direction of the research activity. Prior to joining RemWell, Laura has held roles in academia and industry. Her 25 years plus experience in manufacturing, quality and process improvement is fitting for the managing director role at RemWell.

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PFAS-Contaminated Groundwater?

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